Much more than just a box...

OakRA brings a new way of looking at temperature sensitive food transportation, in a safe, smart and sustainable way. OakRA is a reusable transit packaging system providing the perfect sustainable alternative to traditional cardboard packaging.

OakRA containers are food safe, smart, durable and provide excellent insulation.  The thermal retention allows distribution via ambient vehicles, giving further savings on pollutants from vehicle refrigerants.

Rarely has there been a more compelling reason to be more sustainable, that is also a sound commercial choice, until OakRA…

Light Weight

Less weight, more contents

The super light material allows more contents to be put inside whilst still being able to lift, and of course maximises the vehicle loading weight.

Very Strong

Strong enough for a lifetime of deliveries

The strength of the OakRA allows multiple rows of stacking –  no weakness, no crushed corners, no squashed contents.

Impact Resistant

Ready to take the knocks

They don’t make car bumpers out of the same material for nothing! OakRA’s are designed to be shock resistant and protect their precious cargo. The OakRA takes the impact, so the important contents don’t have to.      

Intelligent design

Inside and outside the box thinking

Thought through design allows different sizes of OakRA to sit nicely with each other, each base fits snugly into each lid for straight stacking with a good friction fit on the lid.

Microbe Resistant

Food safe for peace of mind

Microbes just don’t like OakRA’s, there’s not enough for them to feed off so they don’t grow. The ideal medium for food delivery, no mouldy boxes here!

Excellent Insulator

Cool, calm and collected

With excellent thermal resistance OakRA’s are great and keeping temperatures stable, reducing the need for lots of insulated packaging inside.

Water Resistant

No soggy bottoms

Even in humid conditions, OakRA’s  are resistant to water penetration meaning contents stay dry when transported in the rain, and of course, OakRA’s can be washed without dissolving!

Chemical Resistant

It won’t dissolve on you

OakRA’s are resistant to most chemicals, including fuel and oils, giving more protection for the contents and prolonging the OakRA’s life.

Asset Tracked

Worth looking after...

Through our dedicated asset management portal and API links, we can manage the availability and location of the OakRA’s. Via RFID tags, we can identify individual OakRA’s and will be able to quantify the carbon saving as they are in use.

Closed Loop

When the box becomes a circle…

OakRA’s might be rectangular in shape, but they are in fact fully circular!  Designed to remain within the economy, use after use. At the end of a long life, (whenever that may be), an OakRA will be recycled to become…  another OakRA!

Outside the box

How we keep our cool...

We have a number of different cooling mechanics available including water and gel ice packs, dry ice and reusable eutectic plates to create different temperature chambers dependent on product needs and transit duration.

We are very happy to undertake full testing with customers and have a bespoke online temperature monitoring portal to review results in real time.