Reusable Container Solutions

that help save the planet.

Reduce packaging and deliver more.

OakRA is a reusable transit packaging system providing sustainable alternatives to traditional cardboard packaging plus many more benefits.

Invented through necessity and backed by over 20 years experience in logistics, OakRA is the best solution to all modern day delivery needs and, most importantly, the needs of our Planet.

Better than cardboard

Concerned about packaging waste?

Goods need to be properly protected during transportation and the ‘go to’ material for transit packaging is cardboard. Cardboard is a better choice than single use packaging as it can be recycled, but this still comes at a cost to the environment.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment and the impact packaging waste has.


Reuse before recycle

Lots of cardboard packaging still finds it’s way to landfill  with 55% of household waste not yet recycled. Recycling cardboard uses resources and creates carbon, it takes 5 litres of water to make an A4 sheet of paper and around 200 litres to make a 30cm square cardboard box.

Reduce . Reuse . Recycle . It’s not by chance the words are in that order, we should reduce our use firstly, then reuse whenever possible before we recycle. Reusable packaging remains in the economy, out of landfill and out of the sea.

Gain loyalty

Meet consumers needs

Consumer concern about the environment increased dramatically during the course of the pandemic.

A *UK survey has shown that 81% say that the environment and sustainability is more important to them as a result of the pandemic

And people are willing to pay 12% more on average for goods and services if it helps the planet.

*Figures from ‘The Green Recovery’  Published by Essity 2020

The smart choice

Save money, time & carbon

Save on repeated purchases of corrugate cardboard. Save consumers the time to find ways of disposing of packaging sustainably.

If you are shipping temperature sensitive goods,  save on internal insulation used with your packaging (our outers are fully insulated).

Save the carbon involved in the packing and shipping of your current packaging supplies.

Features Consumers will love

Make Customers happy

Our thermally insulated containers are highly impact and crush resistant, yet very light weight. 

Consumers will have confidence in the safety of any temperature sensitive products sent and delicate goods will be protected, for an improved all round customer experience.

Contents will not be spoilt by inclement weather if left outside, our containers don’t get soggy bottoms!


Benefits from OakRA

Can we help you on your journey?

Our sustainable packaging solution is a smart trackable product that has been under extensive development and trial. It is now ready for market testing.

If you would like to be amongst the first in the UK to benefit from the OakRA, please get in touch for a confidential conversation. Let us reduce the UK carbon footprint together.